The Department 's Crisis Communication Plan

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Additionally they must be able to get in touch with the departments emergency response team after-hours. This means that not only should they need to have contact numbers for department members ,but they also need contact numbers for emergency response information partners for example the Governor’s public affairs officer, local FBI public information special agent in charge, local or regional department of agriculture or veterinarian public information officers, Red Cross, and other non-governmental organizations. A significant key element of the department’s crisis communication plan should include agreements and procedures to join the local joint information center of the emergency operations center if activated in a crisis situation. Should a crisis arise resources must be in place. The director should be advised as to what procedures are needed to secure needed resources. These resources include but not limited to: available space, equipment, and people to operate the public information and media operation during a public health emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if needed. The last key element of a crisis communication plan entails that the identified vehicles of information dissemination should be clear to the public, all emergency stakeholders, and healthcare partners, via avenues such as e-mail listservs, broadcast fax, door-to-door leaflets, and official press releases during a potential crisis. Once the above key elements for the
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