The Dependency On God 's Opinion Essay

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You are a guilty man, anyone can see that, but I do not believe that this guilt should consume you the way it is doing so now. It is clear that you think your past actions were criminal, since you say that they were the result of you going “astray from… God” and that you “became to [yourself] a region of destitution” (Confessions, 18). The fact that your values are built solidly upon your dependency on God leads you to believe that you need the love of God in order to be considered a “good” man, and you believe that your actions were so base that God now frowns upon you. This dependency on God’s opinion is unhealthy and stems from specific reason, reason that I believe you ought to take into consideration since your outlook on self may be much more positive once you do not consider your acts impious. In order to properly access your situation, we must look at the reasons behind how your notion of God came about, and how your guilt factors into His existence. To do this, we must delve into human consciousness and assess the beginnings of guilt. Conscience is what ties the pain of being a debtor into failure to keep promises. By being a debtor to anyone, humans develop the painful sense that we owe another entity something – we call this pain “guilt”. In ancient times when humans moved into their first permanent settlements, they felt a sense of debt towards their superiors, and the descendants of these settlers felt indebted to their founding ancestors. After much time has
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