The Depiction Of Western Culture

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Image and Perception According to Said, Orientalism is the imitation or depiction of Eastern cultures in the West. Western civilization has the view that western culture is superior to all. Edward Said explains how the West views the Orient and oriental cultures and literature as irrational, depraved, and often they are misrepresented. These false representations of the East have been a result of one’s point of view – the West’s. Arab women in particular have been subjected to these stereotypes, as they are perceived to be the weaker force. Often in literature authors, particularly western men, are criticized for inaccurately portraying or "writing" women. The portrayals of Arab women are often characterized as weak, dependent, and submissive. This perception is derive from western culture. However, writers like Inaam Kachachi, Alifa Rifaat, and Nawal El Saadawi display Arab women in their writings like no Arab men can truly describe women’s inner desire. These writers give a new positive identity and representation of Arab women, while an author like Alaa Al Aswany portrays women as they are viewed in society – negatively. Despite the stereotypes and differences, Arab women share the same fear all of mankind experiences. The story “Women in fear” by Inaam Kachachi talks about the many different fears seven sisters are having. It is about seven Iraqi sisters who are fearful due to the oppressive society around them. Atika fears death, Ifaf is frightened of her husband,
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