The Depiction Of Women During The Renaissance Could Be

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The depiction of women during the Renaissance could be described as varied, if we were to view the changes of the role of women during this time as distinct and diverse. This train of thought, though, would be doing a disservice to women as, although certain aspects on women’s position in society did change during the Renaissance, it shouldn’t be observed as a great stride in the advancement of women, rather it is that women were viewed only as certain archetypes, whether they were positive or negative isn’t the issue – it is the fact that they weren’t viewed as multi-faceted beings like men, is where the issue of how women were represented in Renaissance art and literature lies. Many male writers and scholars of the time presented works…show more content…
Taking a look, first, then at the general themes developed by Vespasiano da Bisticci during the late 1400s in his writings, we can begin our look into how men dictated on how women should be a man’s ideal image of femininity. Bisticci was one of many humanists that modeled their writings on Boccaccio’s De Mulieribus Claris (Concerning Famous Women) – mainly, he was focused on the failings with the contemporary, Medicean Florentine society, specifically women, and how they should strive to return to values within a ‘golden age’ before the Medici ruling. Within his Il Libro delle lode e commendazione, he would state that, although women have a capability to learn like men, they should strive to act on virtues like chastity, spirituality and devotion to family, by giving examples of women’s lives where this had happened; telling the present Florentine women to go back to those ‘true’ virtues. He goes on to measure women’s values by how ‘Christian’ they need to be; the need for sexual purity, for a wife to be faithful to her husband, and in essence, he wanted to defuse any sexual power women had over men – that is the true sin corrupting society in his eyes. Fundamentally, he describes that women should only fall into three categories – virgins, wives and widows – anything else would be going against any Christian
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