The Depiction of Corruption in the Beatyful Ones Are Not Yet Born

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Corruption is one of the major themes in the post colonial literature in Africa. In the Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born, this theme covers the entire book though not clearly stated. The author decided to use the symbols of filthy and rot to represent it. He gives advice to the people of Ghana and other nations about the causes and effects of corruption; he chose to use a special technique of hiding the names of the characters so that he does not conflict with government of the time. This essay therefore will look at the following characters the Bus driver, the conductor, the man, the teacher, the sleep seller, the shitman, the visitor and the allocation clerk. It will further show the significance of the names of characters in relation …show more content…
This is clearly shown on (page 2), “The walkers sleep still, but their nightmares in which they are dwarfs unable to run away and little insects caught in endless pools, these fearful dreams are gone”. Truly people were still only bodies walking in their sleep. Despite their hard work, creativity and good dreams corruption has destroyed them, hence they move without hope for the future and it’s only the corrupt that do less work that enjoy life on expense of the poor citizen. The decadence and corruption that surrounds the society of Ghana is not confirmed to government officials alone, since the leaders are examples, society accepts their rotten ways. In support of the above statement, Ayttey (2002:15) observes, “There is no doubt that corruption inflicts some sorts of adverse effects on any society where it exists and persists until such society is purged off its immorality.”
Shit man is another character is identified by his Occupation who symbolizes good morals and hard work. He carries waste products for a living. Despite doing having a demoralizing and degrading job, he has dignity. He shows that the Beautyful ones have the responsibility to remove the filth and rot from Ghana. This shows that there people in society who are willing to fight corruption but there unable to achieve their objective due to their
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