The Depressed Person By David Foster Wallace

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The Depressive Narcissist Depression is something serious that ruins the lives of many. In “The Depressed Person” by David Foster Wallace, he introduces the reader to a person who suffers from depression but also is narcissistic; someone who hungers for attention and makes and situation about them. There’s a difference in depression alone and depression that is accompanied by narcissism. Being sad and keeping to yourself is symptomatic of depression, but being sad accompanied by the need to blame others as well as having a grandiose view of one’s self would be more representative of depression with narcissism. This combination brings an unhealthy lifestyle and burdens ones around the sufferer. The Depressed Person may not reach out…show more content…
They have a hard time disclosing their feelings and emotions to most people because they think that no one is in their shoes and can’t understand how they are going through. Wallace described the pain of depression as something the is nausea of the cells and soul. “A level of psychic pain wholly incompatible with human life as we know it. A double bind in which any/all of the alternatives we associate with human agency sitting or standing, doing or resting, speaking or keeping silent, living or dying are not just unpleasant but literally horrible. A nausea of the cells and soul.” This is also brought into the very beginning of “The Depressed Person”, “The depressed person was in terrible and unceasing emotional pain, and the impossibility of sharing or articulating the pain was itself a component of the pain and a contributing factor in its essential horror.” (TDP 1). This introduction lets the reader know that this story is partially person and about the author in a way. Depression is categorized more of an internal battle that draws upon thoughts and past experience to churn the hamster wheel that is your mind. This is something that is hard to escape from because it seems to be an endless cycle. I am someone who has suffered from depression and trying to tell yourself to just snap out of it and get on with your life because it will make you happy is way easier said than done.
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