The Depression Of The 30 ' S

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The depression of the 30’s came to many as a great shock, especially after just coming out of the wild and lavish ‘roaring’ 20’s. The sudden shift in the atmosphere; this crash of the stock market (Oct. 29, 1920) seemed to pull the rug out from under the American people leaving many dazed and confused, not knowing where to turn to. All hope was turned to Hoover, -president at the time- but soon any and every last glimmer of optimism turned to dust as Hoover failed to keep his people above water like many past presidents. This is when Franklin Delano Roosevelt stepped into the spotlight and grabbed the bull by it’s horns, imposing what is called “The New Deal” wrangling with the immense economic debt of this country and pulling the American people up for a breath of fresh air, instilling a sense of hope where all was lost and forgotten. Roosevelt and his administration did almost everything in their power to keep their people afloat and did so for quite a while bringing them ten steps closer to the surface, pleasing the necessities of many but ultimately not achieving the success that was being hunted. To understand why Roosevelt and his administration did not fully succeed, one must first know the cause and the full extent of the damage, then what was done in attempt to fix the issue at hand. In previous years ,the U.S. government seemed to hang on to an almost purely laissez-faire attitude in the economy. The government viewed economic issues like the common flu; “just…
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