The Depression : Symptoms And Treatment Of Depression

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‭Depression ‭ “How long have I been in this storm? So overwhelmed by the ocean’s shapeless form. Water’s getting harder to tread, with these waves crashing over my head. Barely surviving has become my purpose, because I’m so used to living underneath the surface (Lifehouse).” For some this is just a few lines of a song, for others it’s how they live life with depression, the feeling of drowning and feeling like they will never break the surface of the water, barely surviving. Depression is when feelings of sadness, helplessness, hopelessness, worthlessness, and unhappiness are lasting longer than a few weeks (Ehalt). This disorder does not discriminate - gender, age, or race - anyone can be affected. Those that suffer from a…show more content…
‭ Researchers are uncertain as to what goes on in ones mind and life thats causes depression. Some believe that the neurotransmitters, a chemical that the brain uses to communicate, combined with outside factors - stress, loneliness, illness, and even genetics - can cause one to become depressed (Depression (Major Depression Disorder)). Most do not realize that depression is a biological disease/disorder, in truth, one third of Americans are under the belief that depression is a weakness of either personal or emotional (Diverse). Those that suffer from this disorder do not realize it or do not want to admit there is anything wrong (Berglas). It is important to identify and recognize that one has a problem, depression may be called the “common cold of mental illness” (University of Texas) but if left untreated, just like the common cold, it has the potential to become worse - even fatal. Once a problem has been identified, most people can be treated with medication and psychotherapy, but in some cases the true cause may never be known. ‭ Depression can have a vast impact on relationships in ones’ life when left unrecognized for too long. Those that suffer from this disorder have a difficult time maintaining relationships due to the fact that depression is a breeding ground for self-doubt (Tartakovsky). It has a way of making everything good in your
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