The Depth Of Co Creation And Value

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INTRODUCTION This essay will attempt to go into the depth of co-creation and the increasingly co-dependent relationship between businesses and their customers. This relationship is becoming more and more prevalent in the digital age we are currently living in. With the development of technologies that make communication a greater part of our lives – we see an increase of interaction between brands and consumers. As partakers in the digital society, consumers have shown an increased need to be entertained and experience things in a way that was perceived as foreign only 20-30 years ago. This essay will hopefully give an insight in this development and point out some of the prominent subjects that are relevant to this progress. The first…show more content…
The evolving nature of the engagement between brands and consumers will be a subtopic I will try to elaborate on. Further, I will attempt to give an insight on how the presence of brand communities nave nurtured brand engagement, co-creation and perceived value. The final, and admittedly the briefest topic, is revolved around the digital revolution. The area it will focus on is defining the digital revolution and take a brief look at its effect on marketing in general. CO-CREATION AND VALUE Value Holistic general definition (development) and value-in-use for consumers In order to discuss the term value and what it represents in relation to brands and the consumer, one must first try to define it, and understand its underlying message. In the early 2000s, many researchers tried to create holistic conceptualisations, such as Khalifa (2004) and Woodall (2003). These abstractions attempted to conceptualise in on an individual level (Holbrook 1994, 1999). However, recent definitions have tried to encapsulate a more rounded and pragmatic perspective which recognises value in the environment of consumer experiences (Edvardsson et al 2011). Further, Grönroos and Helle (2010) placed further emphasis on economic improvements created communally or by business partners. This, of course, is the definititions of value in a brand-oriented point of view. One of the more general definitions of value derives from Grönroos (2008) where he summarised value
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