The Deregulation Of Generation Facilities Essay

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INTRODUCTION . Centralization of generation facilities give way to smaller, more distributed generation partially due to loss of traditional economies of scale.Penetration of distributed generation across U.S has not yet reached significant levels. However that situation is changing rapidly, requires attention to issues related to high penetration of distributed generation within the distribution system.Distributed generation encompasses wide range of prime mover technologies, such as IC engines, gas turbines, microturbines, photovoltaic, F.C(fuel cell), wind-power. Most emerging technologies such as micro-turbines, photovoltaic, F.C’s, gas internal combustion engines with permanent magnet generator require an inverter to interface with electrical distribution system, These emerging technologies have lower emissions, potential to have lower cost negating traditional economies of scale.All applications include power support at substations, deferral of T&D upgrades, onsite generating. Indiscriminant application of individual distributed generators can cause as many problems as it may solve. better way to realize emerging potential of distributed generation is to take system approach which views generation, associated loads as subsystem or “microgrid”. This approach allows for local control of distributed generation thereby reducing or eliminating need for central dispatch. During disturbances, generation, corresponding loads can separate from distribution system to isolate
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