The Deregulation Of The Foreign Direct Investment ( Fdi )

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INTRODUCTION Home to the world’s second largest population of 1.2 billion, lndia is a young nation with 63%of its population under the age of 35 years. It has a fast growing didgital audience with 800 million mobile connections and over 200 million internet users.
• India is currently the second-largest telecommunication market and has the third highest number of internet users in the world
• India’s telephone subscriber base expanded at a CAGR of 19.96 per cent, reaching 1058.86 million during FY07–16
• In March 2016, total telephone subscription stood at 1,058.86 million, while tele density was at 83.36 percent
The liberal and reformist policies have helped to create a strong consumer demand and a rapid growth
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RJIL is a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), India’s largest private sector company, is the first telecom operator to hold pan India Unified License. This license authorizes RJIL to provide all telecommunication services except Global Mobile Personal Communication by Satellite. Company holds Universal Service License and is the only pan India operator with Broadband Wireless Access (‘BWA’) spectrum for commercial Long-Term Evolution (LTE) services across 22 circles capable of offering fourth generation (4G) LTE wireless services across India.
In 2002 when Dhirubhai Ambani(Founder of Relaince Industries) died,there were some major ownership issues between his two sons-Anil Ambani and Mukesh Ambani.
After some public feud between both the brothers for the control of ownership empire their mother came in between and split the Relaince into two parts in 2005.
Anil Ambani got telecom,power,entertainment and financial services business while Mukesh Ambani received Relaince Industries and IPCL.

Mukesh Ambani started the revolutionised Indian Mobile industry by decreasing the call rates in early 2000s, which made mobile phones affordable to the Indian consumers.
To prevent Mukesh Ambani from making another telecom company and to compete with Relaince communications they put a non-compete clause in the agreement.

In 2010, when this non-compete agreement was discarded Mukesh Ambani bought 96% stake in infotel
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