The Descriptive and Symbolic Conceptions in Social Studies

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1) Symbolic forms are of vital importance in the social studies not only as an object and/or occurrence, whether naturally occurring or not, but it is also of significance in the socio-contextual situation in which it is received. These symbolic forms can appear as actions and expressions, conversations, a variety of artifacts- artifact being defined as an object made by a human being, typically holds cultural or historical significance – and texts. (Thompson, 1990, pg. 122) ( Everyone makes use of these symbolic forms on a daily basis to express themselves and their emotions in any variety of ways, while conforming to commonly accepted means of expression within that individuals’ society. By interpreting the reaction they evoke, they develop an understanding of the connotations associated with the symbols. Once they have learned the social context of the symbols they further their knowledge of each social background and its construct. For example the symbol of a crucifix and of a red rose are both simple items, with individual associations under different contextual situations which determine what relevance that item holds. The crucifix is an artifact holding religious significance, whereas a red rose is a naturally occurring object which has been assigned its association with love within specific societies. The associations attached to symbols is entirely dependent on its socio-cultural context in which it is
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