The Desctiption of the Service Desk

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The service desk has strong relationship with customers, users, IT service providers and third-party service providers. The service desk is responsible for carrying out incident management and request fulfilment processes. The objective of the service desk is to restore normal service for users as quickly as possible.Besides,help desk also give, a strong impact on customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction.This paper provides a wider literature review on service support and provides a more detailed case study description. The IT service desk provides customers and users with support for using IT services such as application services, operational services and value enabling services. The main task of the service desk is to effectively communicate with customers. Besides, keeping customers and users informed on the progress of their support requests. In this article has identified ten key steps for managing the IT Help Desk. Firstly, help desk should know the resources. Examine the resources to find out what you are capable of delivering and what you are not . Implement ways of improving your skills, equipment and contacts. Secondly, know your customers. As a help desk, there are needs to identify your customers, both users and non-users of your service and list them in order of priority. Thirdly, a help desk should launch your service that meets the majority of customers’ needs. This will support any customer who finds the services inappropriate to consider the service

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