The Desecration Of The Ecclesiastical Congregation Essay

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For a religion that professes a conviction for love, peace, and understanding, Christianity, during its early stages, was met with a great deal of maliciousness, turbulence, and misconceptions. While Christianity was growing, the Roman Empire witnessed several attempts to stop the spread of it. Unfortunately, the persecution of Christians was common during the first through third centuries; a clear indicator that much of Rome and the pagan societies within its boundaries decided to deal with Christianity in the most extreme and horrific way possible. These instances of severe aggression towards Christians were often sporadic and local. One of the communities that oversaw the expulsion of the Christians within their ranks was the town of Lyons in Gaul. The description of the desecration of the ecclesiastical congregation in this area is documented in a letter written by the churches located nearby to their contemporaries in Asia Minor. It details the tortures of those that proclaimed the faith and what they were submitted to. Young and old were imprisoned, beaten, grilled, mauled by animals, and much more. But what could cause the pagan majority to inflict such gory damage to the seemingly peaceful religion? The same letter condemning these actions also provides an answer. Although it is slightly ambiguous as to what sparked the outburst, it hints the possible reasons on why they were targeted. What started out as misconceptions grew into fear, and then when the Christians

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