The Deserted House Was Warm During The Summer Night

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The deserted house was warm during the summer night. Marco was exploring the house and was in awe of how brilliant the house looked. The house was 200 years old and has been deserted since the owners died 4 years ago, the house still had all of its decorations and furniture because the owner didn 't have any kids,or a will so everything was left in the house all this time. “This is so awesome,” Marco said to himself, admiring the enormous dining room. He kept exploring the ginormous house. All of a sudden Marco jumped when he heard the chiming of the old grandfather clock. It was 2 in the morning now but, he didn 't have to worry about school in the morning. Besides this fact, he was still pretty tired. Then, Out of nowhere, SMASH! He hears a loud noise downstairs. It startled him enough to make him aware of everything. Marco decided to investigate what made the noise, and as Marco left the room, he grabbed a rusty driver from the golf clubs in the room he was in. He slowly made his way down the stairs with the golf club held like a baseball bat, ready to swing at who or whatever made that noise. He gets downstairs and to his surprised to see a rock had been thrown through the window. the floor was covered in shards of glass and the moonlight was glimmering off of it illuminating the room “Why would someone throw a rock through the window? Who would be awake at this time of the night to do this?” Marco said to himself confused. He took a look out the broken window

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