The Design And Merchandising Program At Drexel

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Abstract In the winter of 2008, freshman students in the Design and Merchandising program at Drexel University were given questionnaires. Students were asked about their purchasing behavior, knowledge of supply chain initiatives, information sources, ethically marketed products, and demographic information. The respondents of this questionnaire consisted of fifty - eight femal es all ranging from eighteen to twenty years old. Questions asked students about aspects related to purchasing decisions. These included style, fit, color, quality, price, fabric, and brand image. The results of this survey suggested that almost half of th e students considered brand image the least important when purchasing. However, most marketing and…show more content…
Therefore, in order for brands to attract this type of consume r they must focus on branding. The undeniable imagery of fashion brands has led to their continuing success as they appeal to their consumers. Brand image primarily consists of ideas and images associated with a brand. Comunale 2 The company’s identity is expressed through the brand image and “ discovered by specifying meaning, intention, aspirations and mission of the (retail) brand” ( Van Tongeren 39). The ideas and values behind the company are portrayed through its image so that the customer is able to relate. The value given to the brand by the consumer is the brand’s equity. The brand obtains its equity through brand image as it evokes “...imagery and beliefs about the likely performance of the brand and sums up thoughts, associations, feelings, and expectations about the brand itself” (O’Shaughnessy 183). The idea behind the brand image “ that a whole world opens up when you see, experience or even think of the brand” (Van Tongeren 54). This idea is significant to both the company and the consumer. The most effective approach for a company to uphold their brand image is to do so through internal branding. A company’s image always begins internally with employees (Fog 61). Internal branding is communicated through the store’s employees as they emulate and push the brand image. The employees need to fully believe in the company and

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