The Design Argument : The Theory Argument

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The Design Argument In the past hundred years, a great debate has shaken the foundation religious and scientific beliefs of society. Philosophers have been arguing about such a debate for hundreds of years, but there does not seem to be any consensus on whether on the existence of god and the universe. The ancient world never battled over such questions, rather they had accepted the fact that the natural world was created by some being. However, as society made major advancements, the question about god 's existence and his creation arose causing many debates and arguments to come about. The design arguments are a popular example of such debates, which is very prevalent amongst philosophers and society at large. “Simply put, the design argument, or the argument from design, states that the order and purpose manifest in the works of nature indicate that they were designed by an intelligent being” (Velasquez 251). The greatest proponent of the design argument was philosopher William Paley, who formulated the argument. As a student of philosophy and avid proponent of god 's existence, I support the design argument and philosopher William Paley. I would like to argue against the beliefs of atheism and agnosticism while supporting the design argument as a means of god 's existence. I believe that god is the creator of that which surrounds us and science and nature is a means to prove the existence of god, not rebuttal it. Also I will support the design argument with the
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