The Design Of A Research

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2. Methodology of the study 2.1. Research Design The design of a study considers as a road map/blueprint of a research work. Among the research designs the one which is suitable for the research of investigation of laboratory and chemical safety is a descriptive survey in which the researchers can show current status and constraints that affect the safety laboratory; and how to improve safe and functional chemical laboratory in the institution. 2.2. Sampling techniques We know that the sample should be representative of the population of the study. The population for this study is academic staffs, Laboratory technicians, and students in Wolaita Sodo University. In order to gather the information of the current status of chemical laboratories; constraints that affect the safety of the chemical laboratory practice in science and the improvement strategies of functional and safe chemical laboratories. Totally 39 respondents, 17 and 13 respondents from chemistry and biology academic staffs respectively; and 9 laboratory technicians were selected for the study. The selection was made by purposive sampling methods. 2.3. Data collection instrument The researchers to collect sufficient and rich data a variety of instruments, such as for primary data questionnaires and observational checklist; and for the secondary data document analysis were used. The questionnaire was prepared and dispatched to academic staffs, department heads and laboratory technicians. The observations were

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