The Design Of The Hardware

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The selection of the hardware is a very critical part of the hardware implementation of the project; the selector must know the pros and cons on the design of each component that is being used. The selection can lead to the failure or success of the project. Therefore, special attention is required to the selection process and it was discussed with the specialist of the electrical and mechanical engineering fields to be on safe side. The main components of the system that are used in this project are as follows:
1. Motor
2. Microcontroller
3. LEDs
4. Sensor for Synchronizing
5. Power Supply

4.1 Motor
The two major classifications of the motors are AC and DC motors. Only the DC motors clearly fits our system because the AC motors are very large in size and they also require the AC supply. The complete system of the propeller clock was going to be powered by a DC supply. Therefore, the DC motors are only the best option for this design. In addition, controlling the DC motors is much simpler than controlling the AC motors.

The DC motors have different types based on how the stator and armature is designed and is powered. A brief introduction with the pros and cons of each type is given below.

4.1.1 Types of DC motor
The DC motors are classified into 6 major types respectively:
1. Brushless DC motors
2. Brushed DC motors
3. Electromagnetic DC motors
4. Uncommutated DC motors
5. Permanent magnet stator DC motors
6. Wound Stator DC motors

1. Brushless DC motors:…

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