The Design Of The Hardware

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The selection of the hardware is a very critical part of the hardware implementation of the project; the selector must know the pros and cons on the design of each component that is being used. The selection can lead to the failure or success of the project. Therefore, special attention is required to the selection process and it was discussed with the specialist of the electrical and mechanical engineering fields to be on safe side. The main components of the system that are used in this project are as follows: 1. Motor 2. Microcontroller 3. LEDs 4. Sensor for Synchronizing 5. Power Supply 4.1 Motor The two major classifications of the motors are AC and DC motors. Only the DC motors clearly fits our system because the AC motors are…show more content…
It includes a motor controller. The function of the motor controller is to convert the DC into AC. Mechanically, these motors have simpler design than the other types of the DC motor as there is no requirement of transferring power to the spinning rotor from the outside of the motor. The position of the rotor is sensed by the control of a “Hall Effect” sensor or any other such device to optimize torque and regulate speed. • Advantages Advantages of the Brushless DC motor are their long life, better efficiency, and high RPM with no maintenance required. • Disadvantages The design of the controllers for these types of the motors is a bit more complex and they have relatively higher initial cost. These are the only disadvantages of the Brushless DC motor. 2. Brushed DC motors: The generation of the torque in the brushed DC motors is coming directly from the DC power. The internal commutation and the magnets that are stationary (magnets can be permanent or electromagnet) supply the power to the motor to generate the torque. These motors include carbon brushes to transfer the power to the rotating shaft. • Advantages The cost required for a brushed DC motor is relatively low compared to other DC motors. These are highly reliable and have very simpler and basic type to control the motor. • Disadvantages The major disadvantages of this type of motor include a shorter life span
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