The Design Philosophy of Ruby Ross Wood

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The Design Philosophy of Ruby Ross Wood
D’Aja Anderson
Professor Jennifer Hopkins
Tidewater Community College- SDV 101
17 December 15, 2012

This paper expounds on the life and design style of Ruby Ross Wood. Her abstract life was during the cookie cutter times of the 1900’s. During these times the everyday woman went from being a homemaker to earning wages and being a prominent member of society. It was an excellent time in history when the women of the world stood on the threshold of greatness. The world desperately needed an eccentric, intelligent, and strong female designer in the public eye who would forever change the way we look at design and what is beautiful. Being a descendent of several families prominent in America
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According to Baldwin, Wood 's professional credo was: "The final judgment in decorating is not the logic of the mind, but the logic of the eye." (Wikipedia contributors). Mrs. Wood embraced many different cultural designs, and preferred to design with old world intent rather than embrace modern design.
Her Death and Legacy
Ruby Ross Wood died 1950 of lung cancer. She was described by many as eccentric, but was best described by Mitchell Owens who wrote: “Ruby Ross Wood was an anomaly when compared with the other prominent decorators of her day. She was not a charter member of the international social set, like Elsie de Wolfe. She was not a beautiful society divorcée, like Dorothy Draper. And she most decidedly was not a glamorous kept woman, like Rose Cumming. Instead, Ruby Ross Wood—chain-smoking, impatient, tart-tongued—was what used to be called a working girl.” Ruby Wood did not start her career with the intention to become a world famous interior designer, but she did become one. She was different in many ways from the interior decorators of her time, but from the looks of things that is what made her work so exciting and vibrant. She is also a great example of realizing and pursing your dreams. She found her passion in life and followed through to the end, and even when she failed she kept going. When thinking of Ruby Ross Wood you should not only admire her design

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