The Design Reflective Essay For Blazing Trails

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The design reflective essay for Blazing trails The customer of this project, Blazing trailers, its media design has many obvious shortcomings. It is necessary to figure these problems out and find some effective solutions. Design is used to describe the process of producing a functional object, working system or structure. A good design should be able to express the thought of publisher and also attract targeted audiences (Hand and Middleditch, 2013:18). The purpose of this reflective essay is to give a brief of my designs and make these visual communications appropriate to Blazing trails by using colour theory, typography, aesthetic. In the following paragraph, the creative processes involved in our part of the project and why we have and will continue to make certain design and communication choices will be critically discussed. At the beginning of the essay, we will dicuss the previous visual design of Blazing trails, and figure out its weakness. Then, based on its problems, general ideas to modify the visual design and media strategy design on each design elements will be described. Blazing trails is an organization which organizes motorcycle tours since 1999. Bike and the many wonders will be offered, many experienced staffs are well able to take care of all planning and logistics and the best motorcycling experiences will be provided (Blazingtrails, 2015). It is suitable for Mountain Bikers and Climbers with great local trails and crags for all abilities or people

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