The Design : The Scars Of Human Evolution

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“Unintelligent Design: The Scars of Human Evolution,” a play on words of “Intelligent Design,” the theory that some higher power or entity created the universe instead of by chance, is part of an ongoing series from Boston University 's Anthropology Dialogues. In this particular podcast, topics such as wisdom tooth impaction, a comparison of Oscar Pistorius ' prosthetic legs and the advantages it has over human feet, and pelvis morphology and how it relates to childbirth are discussed. In particular, Dr. Rosenberg 's preliminary short statement; “Laboring Humans: Giving Birth to Large-Brained, Large, Helpless Babies,” brought up childbirth and the many risks associated with it. Rosenberg compared and contrasted how humans gave birth and how primates gave birth. Primates, like gorillas, give birth in isolation, without the help of others and distancing themselves from other members of their bands. Humans, on the other hand, give birth with family and medical professionals surrounding them (at least, in the Western world it is). It should be noted, however, that gorillas are quadrupedal and have a wider birth canal than humans do; since our pelvis ' had to accommodate our bipedality. Rosenberg goes on to criticize how medicalized human labor and childbirth has become. However, I disagree that it has been over-medicalized, but instead has been commercialized, particularly in the United States. It is considered the norm to have a child in a hospital room surrounded by doctors,

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