The Design Tool That I Will Use For My Research

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The design tool that I will use for my research case of study is the survey. Survey represents one of the most frequent types of quantitative in social science research. By utilizing the method of survey research, as a researcher I can cull a sample of respondents from a population and administers a uniform questionnaire to them; in this case the children ages 10- 13 yrs old and their parents from an aftercare program. The questionnaire, or survey, will be an indicated document that will be consummated by the person that will be surveyed, throughout a questionnaire, a face-to-face interview, or a telephone interview. By utilizing a survey, will accumulate data from diminutive populations that every so often referred to as the macrocosm of a study. According to Bradburn and Sudman (1988) the benefits of using this tool over other tools are: • Surveys are quite less expensive. • Surveys are utilizable in unfolding the characteristics of an astronomically immense population. No other method of observation can provide this general competence. • They can be administered from remote locations utilizing mail, email or telephone. • Consequently, prodigiously and sizably voluminous samples are feasible, making the results statistically consequential even when analyzing multiple variables. • Many questions can be given as a topic giving considerable litheness to the analysis. • There is flexibility at the engenderment phase in deciding how the questions will be administered: as

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