The Designed User Workflow For The Application

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Figure 3: The designed user workflow for the application. When the signal is submitted by the user, AgileFD is run twice, once with just the most recently submitted signal(s) in order to determine what data points to constrain the submitted signal(s) to, and then a second time with all submitted signals and past constraints to show what areas are being reconstructed well/poorly (green/red). Note: Selected points are indicated by turning to black.

Results and Discussion
This application was tested on a singular system, of Tantalum, Rhodium and Palladium (Ta-Rh-Pd). The metrics that will be analyzed is how well the Phase Mapper Game’s solution compared to AgileFD alone in terms of speed, satisfying constraints, and having a physically meaningful solution. It should be noted that the user for Phase Mapper Game has much experience working with the system so the time does not reflect what would be the average for a lay person. The system was not tested on a lay person however because it has not been developed far enough to be that accessible. For this test of the application the solutions were compared for when only three solution patterns were found. Time As seen in Figure 4, the solution patterns found for the Phase Mapper Game and AgileFD alone seem to be located in the same regions. With Phase 1 and 2 for both following the connectivity constraint, whereas Phase 3 seems to violate it, and more so in the Phase Mapper Gamer solution. It is expected that both solutions would
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