The Desire Of A Cause Analysis

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The Desire of a Cause “Want is both parent and child of war.” (Counsel) Every war taken on between nations has had a motive reflecting the combatants. For each motive in the combatant, there is equal and opposite motive in opposing the belligerent. War is a complicated combinations of values, ideas, desires, and other such virtues. Literature reflects the core values of the participants in views of the man fighting, the man who will fight, and the man who will never fight. In the works of Dickens, Remarque, Wiesel, and Knowles, a different group is being represented. Each author of captures their time period in a way the engulfs the war and its causes. At the core, war intrinsically can be held at values of wanting a better future, resisting…show more content…
An obvious example of the idea is the French Revolution. Notable in Dicken’s A Tale of Two Cities, the aristocracy and the slums of Paris led opposite lives. The king with a large jaw whom sat in France had power and authority, but was doomed to the National Razor at the onset of the revolution. War erupted from the authority of the wealthy overbearing the freedom of the poor, and the established power would be overturned. Another instance of changing power is the Second World War, in which, the Third Reich would be driven from power by other nations resisting the dictatorial authority. In comparison is the authority resisted in the future soldiers of the war. Knowles’ A Separate Peace, displays the restrictions placed on the boys that in months must be in combat, yet still must defy the authority of the school. War is not waged on the school, but resisting the power in order to fuel the war does occur. In addition to the future soldiers and the militants of their respective time period, those who do not enter battle resist in different ways. The Jews in the Holocaust still fast for the religion, although it being almost suicide in the concentration camps. An entirely Jewish state that was thought up for many years went from an idea to a real country with Israel following. Authority of the area shifted due to the resistance of the Nazis. Resisting authority appears as a common interest when initiating a
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