The Despicable Way We Feel About the Homeless Population

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We see homeless people sleeping on the subway cars, on park benches, on dirty pavements, begging for food and money, pushing carts with garbage, dragging around the little they have everywhere they go. They are the panhandlers, the mentally ill, the uneducated and unmotivated who fell through the cracks, the substance abusers, society's filth, and the bottom of the barrel. This is our perception of the homeless. Notice how none of these ideologies are positive. It’s time we change our perception. We need to learn to see the people who are living under these conditions as people first and not judge or ignore them because of their appearances. In order to do this we have to decrease the stigma associated with being homeless and become more compassionate towards those who experience homelessness.
In seems like we have a love/hate relationship with the homeless. At times, we may choose to help a homeless person in need but most of the time we turn a blind eye because it is a common phenomenon. Sometimes we give a homeless person our chump change when we feel sorry for them or we may even provide them with a meal, or perhaps give them a blanket or a coat, or provide shelter when possible. But in most cases, we find them repulsive or lack a better understanding of why they are in these situations, or simply don’t care to understand why. Instead we wish they…

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