The Destination Of Tourist Tourism

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Introduction: As we all know now a day’s tourism has a great role to make the destination famous of all over world. Maximum destination’s economy grow by the tourism and that leads to more popularity. Many of tourist gets attracted towards the nature of beauty of the destination which makes the destination stronger, there are two factors which are particularly helps to the visitors to visit on the destination. Tourist counts the one time experience offers so that consider a major push or pull factors for them to travel. Push factor and pull factor which plays a vital role in the visitors life like pull factors are where tourist gets attract the originality of destination, natural and manmade attractions climate and natural sites. On the other hand push which can be pushed by the beauty and culture of the destination like tourist experienced a new culture and Heritage sites. The visitors are always attracted by their culture and heritage of the destination which helps to encourage them to experience the positivity of the destination, so the destination should enhanced and preserve the ideas of the cultural dance, cultural heritage and cultural moral because the three components helps to the visitor attracted towards the destination and integrity holds then heritage of the destination. Here we can introduces the destination which is Fiji, it is known as a hub of hospitality industry where massive range of hotel and resorts along with extra comfortless this destination is
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