The Destiny Of The Republic By Candice Millard

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President James Garfield’s tragic death is brought to new life in the book The Destiny of the Republic. Author Candice Millard shows readers just how that very incident brought one nation together. This being in the middle of the Gilded Age, at times it looked like the nation had everything under its belt but in reality, people didn’t see the corrupt happenings at that time. Through poverty, war, a surprising turn in events, to downright failure in medicine, President Garfield’s life was a downward spiral and he wasn’t even aware. As much as Garfield was unaware of that, Americans at the time were unaware that they were slowly beginning to unite over the ignorance of both Doctor Bliss and Charles Guiteau. Millard didn’t just write a book of a detailed and historic biography, she wrote somewhat effortlessly of the personal yet challenging circumstances Garfield and his family were in and simply told a story. The author really goes in depth and is interested in Garfield’s poverty stricken family as a young boy because this is one of the many reasons America adored him so much. As he lost his father, worked endlessly to be able to attend college, became a teacher after just one year, and then going onto congress, he rose up to become the best president the nation has ever had in that short amount of time. These details portrayed about his upbringing, show people how remarkably significant and hardworking this man was. Millard shows that Garfield knew he was brought up to make…

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