The Destruction And Excavation Of Pompeii

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The Destruction and excavation of Pompeii Shea Garrett October 5 2017 Pamperien Pompeii was a City in Italy which overall has a great significance in Roman culture. Pompeii was not famous for its rise or its rule but its destruction. Pompeii was a picture perfect world full of culture and rich history, It was destroyed in AD 79 by a Volcanic eruption from Mount Vesuvius. It was a symbol of Roman culture and has a great influence on the future even though it existed so long ago. Life in Pompeii was over all serene, in the Italian countryside of Campania. The city was fairly large and was about five miles southeast of base of Mount Vesuvius. ( Gracco, Tiberio. “Welcome to Ancient Pompeii.”) Pompeii was quite advanced for its time with a…show more content…
The town itself had many temples devoted to their gods. The city even had an amphitheatre, which is the oldest of its kind dating back to 80 BC. The people of Pompeii had a serene living condition and well function social classes. The destruction of Pompeii came about when Mount Vesuvius erupted on August 24 AD 79. This eruption was not your stereotypical eruption. The mountain exploded in a long smoldering burst of pumice ash and rock. The eruption covered Pompeii and the neighboring city of Herculaneum in over thirteen feet of pumice and ash, burning and destroying almost all of the city 's. The eruption was said to last over twenty four hours. Turning day to night with clouds of dust and ash. ¨100-miles-per-hour surge of superheated poison gas and pulverized rock–poured down the side of the mountain and swallowed everything and everyone in its path. (¨ Staff. “Pompeii.” Around 16,000 people died in the eruption. (“Mount Vesuvius - Italy.” ) When Mount Vesuvius erupted many people were unprepared, just standing and watching the volcano until the eruption was on top of them. Many people thought it was just a tremor or earthquake before the mountain exploded and it was too late. Many people did try and escape. Escaping by boat was impossible, the only real way to escape was to go south away from the volcano. There was mass panic in the heart of the city and most people didn 't get out in time. ¨Though my shocked
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