The Destruction Of A Child In Shakespeare's Lizabeth

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In the story Lizabeth goes with her friends to the old lady's house and end up destroying some of her Marigolds by throwing rocks. Lizabeth was ashamed of what she had done but the child in her said it was fun. She later hears the conversation and heard her dad sobbed,loudly and painfully which had effected her because as a child she saw her dad as a strong man who whittled toys and always laughed with them. In paragraph 45 it states," Long after sobbing and humming had stopped,I lay on the pallet, still as stone with my hands over my ears, wishing that I too could cry and be comforted." Her feeling too lonely she woke her brother up and asked him to come with her to Miss Lottie's yard so he did. In paragraph 57 it says,"I had indeed lost my
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