The Destruction Of Coral Reefs

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Few places are as teaming with life as coral reefs. However, this is all soon to change due to human negligence. Human activity and stupidity is leading to the destruction of the vast majority of coral reefs and is expected to continue to do so until coral reefs, as well as the species that reside in and around them, are a thing of the past.
Coral reefs are extremely biologically and environmentally important (7). Not only are they home to over a million species of fish, invertebrates, and algae currently occupying coral reefs but there could be hundreds of thousands more species yet to be discovered (8). These reef dwelling species are food to over a billion people around the globe. Coral is also used as a building material and is a major tourist attraction, aiding the economies of communities bordering their coasts.
Humans are actively destroying reefs through processes such as destructive fishing, overfishing, careless tourism, pollution, sedimentation, coral mining, coral bleaching, and global warming.
Destructive fishing destroys coral reefs and hinders their future production of fish and marine life. It includes poison and explosive fishing. Poison fishing uses chemicals such as cyanide and is used popularly by aquariums and traders to collect fish without killing them and is very popular in the Philippines, Indonesia, and the islands of Micronesia. The fish are stunned by the chemicals and therefore are easier to capture. This method poisons far more than the target
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