The Destruction Of Ishmael In Herman Melville's Moby Dick

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The character in the short story Moby Dick , Ishmael, wants to leave his everyday life and go to sea as a whaler. Ishmael arrives in a city called Bedford there he stays in a hotel for one night and has to share a bed with a Harpooner but Ishmael is frightened of the harpooner and thinks that he is a “ Savage cannibal.” The captain of the ship that, Ishmael is on, calls the crew out onto the deck and shows them a one ounce Gold nugget and nails it to the mast of the ship and says “ that the first man to sight the great white whale, known to the sailors as Moby Dick, would get the gold.” ( Herman Melville) Later in the story a horrible storm arose one night and lightning struck the mast and frightened the crew, the crew thought that this might
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