The Destruction Of Pompeii

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Given the historical significance of the devastation of Mount Vesuvius’ destruction of Ancient Pompeii, the cultural existence of this lost city lies buried within the remains of the ancient people and the context it brings through new data. To gain context of the lives lost, much of their history must be explored through the remains of Pompeii’s lost people by further observation of lesions on the bones and through analysis of dental caries or indicators of quality of health. Recent excavations and research of Pompeian skeletons through technological advancements has revealed, in greater detail, the health of the people – such as, with computer tomography scans they indicated they had almost perfect, white teeth from “low-sugar diet[s], rich in fruit and vegetables” and fluorine from their water (Fessenden 2015).…show more content…
By analyzing the data from skeletal and dental research already present in the field, we can determine access to resources, and a possible spread of diseases that may have impacted the people, and if the ancient city of Pompeii had the capability to sustain all of their citizens, or if there had been a struggle of power. As such, the goal of this paper is to determine the context within the life of Pompeii’s lost people, what and who were lost by identifying their importance and degree of self-sufficiency before the devastation of Mount Vesuvius, and possibly what was lost culturally in the region of
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