The Destruction Of The Holocaust

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Modernity brings about new ideas, technology, government and people together. People coming together from different cultures can create a feeling of superiority or inferiority, us vs. them. Although modernity bought anti-Semitism its “peculiar virulence”, in which Jews were resented simultaneously as both masses and elites, it was not the sole reason for the Holocaust. Those who insist that mass hatred and murder are natural among humans are incorrect, because anti-Semitism did not cause “inhabitants of a town or a village to simply fallen upon their Jewish neighbors and slaughtered them.” Yet, when asked about the cause of the Holocaust, many readily assume it to be anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism existed throughout Europe before Nazis ascend to power and continues to exist in Europe, but nothing like the Holocaust has or is taking place because of only anti-Semitism. Zimbardo’s theories explains why it isn’t cannot only be antisemitism because human are not evil, but evil is the exercise of power to exercise intentionally, harm(psychologically), hurt(physically), destroy(mortally) and commit crime against humanity. These neighbors who associated with Jews during Weimar, changed when Nazis came to power some Germans joined the SS, Gestapo and other Nazi roles. It was then their environment that changed them, which was not innate. Psychologically speaking, being around a hostile and violent environment can influence humans to turn that way. Under the Weimar Republic, a
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