The Destruction Of The Human Race

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The Destruction of the Human Race The influence of media in today’s world is having a negative impact on humanity. Today the media is more powerful than ever, not only in America but also globally. Media is everywhere in an abundance of people’s lives. Daily newspapers are being delivered to the front door, twenty-four-hour news channels and radio stations are broadcast in homes and businesses, and multiple social media outlets are available in the palms of people’s hands. Within seconds, news travels from the other side of the world straight into family living rooms, evening dinner tables, or even onto the fields of youth soccer practice. This immediate transfer of information brings with it great power. The responsibility that accompanies this power is often unnoticed and unaccepted resulting in an extremely destructive impact on individuals and society. With the media being such an important part of our daily lives, it should come as no surprise that the media may cause violence to occur. The media has triggered multiple copycat crimes, a criminal act that is inspired by a previously reported crime. Violent acts are shown repeatedly by hundreds of media outlets. This amplified quantity of reporting has the potential of negatively impacting the impressionable mind. Individuals become desensitized to the heinous crimes and infatuated by the glory being bestowed upon the crime. According to Pierce: On October 1, 1997, a sixteen-year-old boy shot and killed his mother
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