The Destruction Of The Sea

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When did carelessly throwing trash lead to a global problem? Either in previous generations or the slothful habits present in this generation, this problem has gone on long enough. Due to a lack of onus from individuals, the oceans aesthetics have been contaminated. From ample research and the sources viewed, most connect back to our horrible habits that has developed over time. From that, I ask a simple question which states “How did the behaviors of individuals create a corrupt ocean”? In regards, I want to analyze and determine the destruction of the sea connecting to constant bad habits by people. By witnessing the amount of trash in the malls and even on campus, I knew the problem had to be addressed. This event lead to my position to stand up against the mistreatment of the ocean. Consequently, individuals are solely to blame for their habits and behaviors in an environmental, economic, and cultural aspect.
This topic comes to mind because of the sicking and atrocious items present in the coastlines. Even then, the problem has become global where even trash has become ubiquitious. While arguing about the problems, those individuals discussed related to me as well. While I have admittely commited such crimes, my actions dictate actions previously done throughout generations. While following suite with others in their habits, slothfulness and having a recalcitrant attitude is generally accepted by many. However, this behavior will only cause the ocean to parish even…

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