The Destruction Of The War Essay

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On August 6th 1945, a U.S aircraft titled ‘Enola Gay’ flew over Hiroshima to drop the most infamous atomic bomb in history. This bomb instantly vaporized everyone within a 1KM radius of the drop point, leaving the rest to die slowly from lethal burns or poisoning. Then three days later, another devastating bomb was dropped on the city of Nagasaki. While there were no American deaths as a result, 200,000 Japanese citizens, mostly children, elders and women perished as a result of these attacks. The goal was to end WWII swiftly and with the least amount of American casualties as possible . The debate on whether the immorality of this nuclear onslaught outweighs the necessary military action is still discussed to this day. Were these grisly bombings on innocent civilians justified and necessary to ending the war? Many factors contribute to the opinion that the bombings were justified, the main reason being to end the war quickly. Germany had surrendered and America was ready for the war to finish, yet japan was still willing and prepared to fight . American citizens were frustrated and impatient, demanding for the death of their soldiers to stop. Truman was planning a full-scale invasion to take place on the 1st of November in Kyushu to finish it once and for all, but was then presented with the idea of A-bombs . The concept of nuclear warfare on japan meant a swift victory, fewer American deaths, and a chance to show the rest of the world what America could do during the
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