The Destruction Of Vengeance In Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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Shakespeare’s Hamlet represented an interesting tale of fictional events that occurred in Elsinore, Denmark. The story depicts a young prince named Hamlet who struggles after the death of his father, the King of Denmark. Hamlet is portrayed as a courageous hero who goes through challenges thrown against him. He grows and changes gradually as a result of his father’s passing. Secrets are revealed in the story that brought out his potential. Betrayal was the root of the conflict. Hamlet uses intellect, anger, and bravery in his pursuit of vengeance. Initially, Hamlet uses his wits in order to attain retribution. He began his plot when he discovered the murderer of his father: Claudius, his uncle and current king of Denmark. He heard it from the words of his father’s ghost: “The serpent that sting thy father’s life now wears the crown” (Shakespeare 42). Hamlet’s plan was to set up a play for his uncle. He said, “I’ll have these players play something like the murder of my father before mine uncle” (Shakespeare 42). He believed to “catch the conscience of the king” (Shakespeare 81). His plan to torture Claudius with guilt was successful. During…show more content…
He managed to kill Claudius during his duel against Laertes, a man who wanted revenge against Hamlet for killing his father. Laertes revealed to Hamlet that the foils they used to fight were “unbated and envenomed” (Shakespeare 190). Hamlet used the last of his power to stab Claudius with the envenomed foil and forced him to drink a poisonous potion, killing him. He said, “Here, thou incestuous, murderous Dane, drink off this potion… (Shakespeare 190). Hamlet then died due to the venom he received after being stabbed by the foils during his fight with Laertes. Before his death, he gave his best friend Horatio his last wish: “And in this harsh world draw thy breath in pain, to tell my story” (Shakespeare 191). He wanted Horatio to tell others of his heroic
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