The Destruction Of World War Two

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Introduction As the destruction of World War Two came to an end, a new dawn was coming to the European continent, and the country of Hungary. It was one of the vulnerable nations easily overpowered by the Nazi’s during the war and fought over in the Battle of Budapest, it’s capital city. After the war, the surviving Jews and gypsies that had been taken to concentration camps were freed; the people left in the country during the war, such as, Magdolna Tanzer’s parents, Istvan and Magdonla Sztehlo, moved into the devastated capital to find jobs, which was nearly impossible. And then, the eventual rise of the communist party of Hungary, run in the background by the leaders of the Soviet Union, and with it the lives of millions changed, including my family’s. Communism was the eventual driving factor Magdolna’s family to secretly immigrate to the United States of America. Communism is a topic that not many people are aware of, or its impact, especially in a small country like Hungary. Communism did a lot of good things for the country; it helped pull Hungary out of economic disaster after the war; but, it also made living there, for the long run, extremely tough for citizens. But the Soviets, although they rebuilt Hungary (relatively), their main intensions appear more and more selfish as facts come together. The Soviet Union brought help to Hungary in the short term and the long term effects, although not as beneficial, still caused an improvement as communism began to gain
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