The Destruction of the Minke Whale in Mobe Dick by Herman Melville

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Captain Ahab was a fictional character that participated in whale hunting in a book called Moby Dick. Moby Dick was the name of the great white whale that Captain Ahab was pursing to hunt. “The Minke Whale also known as the baleen whale is the smallest of the rorqual species, and the females are normally larger than the males,” Sea Shepherd1, but due to commercial whaling they are facing extinction. Minke Whale Hunting is a problem in Antarctic Ocean which is also known as the Southern Ocean, They are being killed by the Japanese to be used for sushi. “The Japanese and other countries have been hunting whales since the 1800’s”, studies that were recorded in 1986 have shown that over 30,000 Minke whales have been killed.4 People should pay…show more content…
We are currently losing our Minke Whale because they are unable to reproduce due to hunting. The predicted effects are that they will be no longer existing.1 Brian Handwerk4 discusses the Southern Sanctuary which was established as a “compromise effort during this week's meeting.” The Southern Sanctuary was developed in 1994 and presumed, “that 19 million square miles (50 million square kilometers) of waters surrounding Antarctica—as a critical space safe from commercial whaling. Most of the world's whales feed in these waters.”4 People should care about whales because they are being hunted, which is illegal. The whales’ population is damage due to hunting. The people who eat sushi with whale meat in it. The people are a part of the problem because they are demanding an animal that is near extinction. The ecosystem is affected because whales are a part of it. Whales are a part of the ocean. In the ocean is revolving cycle, such as planktons being eating by fish, which are eaten by whales. In order for the ocean to function, a cycle has to happen, Jeremy Jackson5. A solution could be finding another meat to use to substitute whale meat, or having a numerous amount of customer that stop demanding sushi. By lower demand the Japanese will have no reason to kill the Minke whale because it is not a request. While some conservationists argue that the minke

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