The Destructors and the Young Goodman Brown Comparison Essay

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Name of Student: Name of Instructor: Institution: Course Title: Date of Submission: Outline a. Introduction I. Two stories for comparison are introduced. II. ‘The Destructors’ and ‘The Young Goodman Brown’ are discussed in and compared. b. The theme of conflict is chosen as the central topic to be discussed. I. Loss of innocence ingrained by corruption is demonstrated. II. Decision making is tested. c. Purpose of both stories I. Appreciation of dramatic symbols II. Influence of terror d. Unique techniques, styles and devices I. Paradox is demonstrated II. Ambiguity is discussed Introduction Graham Greene’s short story of ‘Destructors’ printed in the year…show more content…
This explains why he comes up with an idea of destroying Mr. Thomas’ home. Furthermore, Blackie is displayed in the circumstances of losing his innocence, as he begins to suggest petty and disadvantageous shenanigans for his gang to complete. Comparing the two stories, we find that both are related. In Young Goodman Brown’s short story, Goodman is the victim because of his loss of innocence caused by ingrained corruptibility which explains that, if the happenings in the forest were real or induced by dreams, the decline in integrity was unavoidable. Rather than being corrupted by some unknown force, Goodman Brown decides to go into the forest and face the devil; the decision was dangerous, and the devil assures Goodman Brown’s fall. However, Goodman Brown doesn’t know the night events are going to happen, and furthermore he doesn’t care. If these events are a dream, then they originate from Brown’s head-a transparent sign of his ingrained dark side. If they were true, then Goodman Brown has discovered that everyone is corrupt. However, Brown’s innocence was unavoidable whether of the night were real or fiction. These stories convey hidden wickedness present in the two stories. The ‘Destructors’ primarily portrays man versus society conflict. The boys were corrupted their innocence by the world war. They applied their creativity to restore scenes of violence, showing the effect of their surrounding them. The destruction in both stories symbolizes

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