The Detention Of Prison Inmates

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Imagine yourself locked in a miniature-size closet for years without electronics nor social communication- not even sunlight! The only time you are let outside your designated area is for about an hour to go outside to exercise or shower. Nevertheless, that is not the case for numerous prisoners. The majority of the time, prison guards totally fail to recall about the inmate or tend to have a neglecting state of mind when monitoring confinement inmates. Several of the prisoners who end up in isolated confinement are diagnosed with physical and emotional complications such as depression and anxiety. Prisoners over the time have trouble with socializing and interacting with other human beings. Furthermore, some officials often report some cases in which inmates held in these segregated facilities severely harm their own bodies or in some cases it goes as far as to committing suicide inside the prison area. In a study made in New York, it was concluded that inmates placed in isolation or solitary confinement are seven times more likely to commit an act of self-harm or suicide than an inmate in general population. Solitary confinement, besides being extremely expensive, it is a cruel form of punishment and it does not help anyone who convicted a crime or who seems dangerous around other inmates, become a better person. This method it’s so called a ‘disciplinary solution’ for prisoners to behave in an accordingly manner however, it instead provokes prisoners to act in a…
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