The Determinants Of Child Poverty Essay

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Gaelle Einsweiler and Jaclyn Perlman
Mrs.Taylor/Period 1
Sociology Accelerated
October 6, 2016
Determinants of Child Poverty in the US For our first sociology project, we decided to broaden our knowledge and intellectual curiosity on child poverty in the United States today. We chose this study and topic because we believe that this topic is of national importance and must be addressed and studied at the county level, as well. This is an issue that we can see and directly relate to in our own state capital (Trenton) and in Newark. It is also interesting to compare those urban areas with childhood poverty in a more suburban area like Cherry Hill, which ironically, neighbors the poverty stricken Camden. Childhood poverty is significant to our country because it costs enormous amounts of funding in economic support from the government, relates to unemployment, and creates a larger socio-economic class divide. Other factors such as religion and race also play a key role which then spills over into other areas of economic problems in our society. (Article) The study that we chose, authored by Sri Ranjith and Anil Rupasingha, narrows down some of the causes of poverty in children through social, cultural, spatial, and religious aspects in American communities. The study investigates religious backgrounds such as Mainline Protestants, Evangelical Protestants, and Catholics to base their results for their hypothesis, that both religious adherence and social capital contain negative
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