The Determinants Of Successful Influence On The Success Of Arms Influence Essay

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I. Introduction
Arms transfers are one of the foreign policy tools that are used to make a recipient comply with donor’s desires. Although the primary goal of such manipulations is to change a recipient’s behavior, not every attempt to do so ends up with success. Thus, defining the determinants of successful influence is one of this research strand’s central puzzles. Despite the fact that both international relations (Sislin 1994) and comparative politics scholars (Paul 1992; Tal 2006; Wheelock 1978) look at conditions under which arms influence attempts succeed, there was surprisingly little attention paid to the role of transferred weapons’ type. Hence, in my research I investigate the effect of delivered weapons’ type on the success of arms influence attempt.
II. Previous research on political leverage of arms
Two types of influence models can be distinguished within the scholarly literature on political influence of arms. In the first model the deployment of weapons is used as a threat to make an adversary comply with the desires of weapons possessor (Schelling 1967). Under this setting the engagement of states in diplomatic relations prior to political crisis which requires such actions from the weapons’ possessor is not a necessary condition. In this context arms capability to hurt is turned into the bargaining power, and advantage is gained by playing on an adversary’s instinct to survive and avoid pain (Schelling 1967, 2–6).
In the second model not arms per se,
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