The Deterrence Theory By Thomas Hobbes

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An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. Isn’t that the motto that we should live by? Or should we take into consideration who has the most money, grew up in the nicest neighborhood, or even the context or their skin color? Although, we would love to believe that we live in a perfect world where everyone is given the justice that they deserve unfortunately, it does not always end up that way for some. Indeed, the Deterrence Theory then comes into play making sure that not only is everyone treated equally but, also making sure that it sees fit that the punishment given is carefully taken into consideration. The Deterrence Theory was first introduced by theorist Thomas Hobbes who was then followed up on the theory by Cesare Beccaria, and Jeremy Bentham who later added a more modern, updated version of the theory. This theory first came about during the military when the men that were being introduced to nuclear weapons that could cause massive destructive damage when it was put to use. The Deterrence Theory then came into play when it was time for a person to take up for their actions that person has caused and, being able to pay the price at hand for what they have done without being able to put the blame on another person or get away with it without being sure that you would also get the proper punishment. The reason why this theory has more than one theorist is due to “ once one looks in detail at cases of international conflict, it becomes apparent that the
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