The Detrimental Effects of Steroid Use in Bigger, Stronger, Faster by Chris Bell

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The documentary called Bigger, Stronger, Faster by Chris Bell demonstrates Americas want to be the best vs. their desire to be moral. Throughout the movie Bell uses multiple examples on how steroids affect us both physically and mentally as well as their potential dangers. There are several things that make us American but Bell chooses this particular subject because of his own personally experiences with it as well as his families. As the audience we are taken into a glimpse of the Bell family’s everyday struggle with this emanate problem. Similar to what many of us have to face in society today.
When the movie immediately starts, the first frame that the audience is presented with is president Ronald Reagan making a speech. The reason
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By doing this Bell offers the audience a first hand point of view that many are unable to come across otherwise and soon starts to question his own beliefs on what he originally thought before.
After looking more into steroid use he then goes to his family members that have personally tried steroids. By going back to his family and asking them their personal opinions he is demonstrating Pathos. Bell asks both his younger and older brother their opinions on the risks and both say they would continue to do them. Mike Bell, aka Mad Dog, states that he would continue to use them because of his career. Wrestling is too competitive for him not to fully stop using them. Mad Dog then continues to reinforce the belief that it only increases testosterone levels. Mark Bell then agrees with his older brother. Both brothers are only doing it to fulfill their desires in the wrestling industry as well their own. This goes back to the claim of the essay. Everyone at some point in their life has felt this internal conflict and can relate with the Bell family’s problems.
As children they all grew up wanting to be the best and felt the need to continue to do so. After asking this Bell then questions his older brother Mad Dog if he realizes that this is affecting his wife. In shame Mad Dog begins to cry because he realizes that it is hurting her and says he hates seeing her brake down. Like his wife, their mother also shows disapproval and
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