The Developing Manager

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The term ,,management is a subject of different interpretations .A large number of various ideas can define what management is and the job of a manager. A good management can lead a business to success and a skilled manager can lead its team to achieve the goals of an organisation. Generally the term management is suitable for everyone because at one point in the life cycle an individual is managing its own time,is taking decisions,is controlling and planning its day by day life . Management on its basic view is about ,,making things happen,,within an organisation. A good manager will use systems and procedures ,will set roles,and will achieved the aims and objectives of the company through the efforts of other people. Ref(BTEC…show more content…
Even though these two companies seem the same they are very different in how they are run and the ethics they take. McDonalds is a fast food chain that has the majority of its employees on minimum to just above minimum wage. These are the people at the bottom of the McDonalds hierarchy they work as the cashiers but are theoretically just as important as the people right at the top of this hierarchy. Since each restaurant is franchised then there is a miniature hierarchy inside the main McDonalds hierarchy. This is very different to how Thomas Cook works they have a much larger but flatter hierarchy. The reasons for this is different for each company, McDonalds has a tall hierarchy because of the many different stages there are to achieve in the company. Such as when an employee first starts there they are right at the bottom. Through time they can achieve promotion up the hierarchy. Though for the first four promotions the worker is still on the shop floor either on the tills or cooking in the back. This is the reason the hierarchy grows large. There are still 3 levels of the hierarchy left in one restaurant after the 5 on the shop floor meaning on average 8 in each restaurant. The advantage of this high structure for McDonalds is that some managers only look after 5 people or less and find it easy to keep them hard working. Also people have a closer eye on each worker

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