The Developing Toddler Essay

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The Developing toddler The purpose of this essay was to observe the everyday experiences a child has and how it is an illustration of theories and concepts of child development. To also have a better understanding of how these theories and concepts take important role in the child’s life. The observation took place in the child development classroom. The children observed were, Joshua at fourteen months old, Roman at twenty-one months old, Elizabeth at twelve months old, and Jayden at twenty-eight months old. A child is born in to a fast paced world. The child is influenced in every way, in every place, by every person they come in contact with. From the ages 1-5 the child is like a sponge, taking in all their brain can hold.…show more content…
They are the large movements of the body using the arms, legs, torso and feet. Gross motor abilities share connections with other physical functions. Gross motor skills are defined as the movements of the large muscles of the body. Gross Motor skills are important for major body movement such as walking, maintaining balance, coordination, jumping, and reaching (Berger 144-145). For example, Roman plays with a ball, throwing it to another boy, and attempts to catch it as it is tossed back to him. He is using his large muscle to project and catch the ball, he learned body movement and place meant, balance, and control. This is important for the child because he is also developing fine motor skills, interaction with others, and self-awareness. Gross motor control enables children to develop the fine motor movements that are essential for success in the school years. Fine Motor Movements use the small muscles of the eyes, fingers, toes, wrists, lips and tongue. The small muscles work with both the large muscles to develop movement. They are often for used communication purposes, both functional and expressive (Berger 144-145). In looking back at Roman, when he was playing with the ball, throwing and catching it. He was not only using his gross-motor skills, he was also using his fine-motor skills. He was learning hand eye coordination, grip, and balance. With the practice of fine motor skill the child becomes more independent with
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