The Development And Constant Change Of Infants Essay

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The development and constant change of infants is mind-blowing and incredible. Each infant develops at approximately the same, quick pace, but each small life in the grand scheme of infant development could vary greatly (Santrock, 2016). There are many different factors that must be considered in the first years of life that are extremely crucial for development and change. In order to better understand infant development, it is important to consider how each of these factors will affect the baby; three examples of these factors are sleep patterns, eating habits, and motor development, all which impact the general health of the infant overall. It is relatively general knowledge that infants tend to sleep much more than the average child, adult, or adolescent. My virtual child, Margo, in between three and eight months, was sleeping six hours out of the night, and taking a few two-hour naps during the day, consistently sleeping about 12 hours per day (My Virtual Child, 2014). The average amount of sleep that an infant will get on any given night is anywhere in between ten to twenty-one hours per day (Santrock, 2016). Based on this knowledge, it can be concluded that Margo’s sleeping habits are not necessarily abnormal for her age. Margo was also strictly breastfed. In the study Infant Sleep Development from 3 to 6 Months Postpartum: Links with Maternal Sleep and Paternal Involvement, it was stated that there was correlation between infants that were strictly breastfed at

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