The Development And Maintenance Of Civilization Essay

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Over the course of human history, order within society, through its many facets, has been considered to be a vital part of the development and maintenance of civilization. One such aspect of order, however, is arguably more important than all other characteristics: the creation and usage of social constructs. A social construct is defined as a social mechanism, phenomenon, or category created and developed by society, which aids in either the development or regression of society as a whole. While more commonly known constructs such as race and gender shape the mindsets of societies and civilizations as a whole over periods of time, the consequences of the existence of the construct itself can have both a positive or negative affect. Additionally, many social constructs are interconnected with each other, not exactly through topic matter but rather by the relationships and connections they establish with aspects of society and its influence upon it. However, race and gender are not the only constructs that shape mindsets and opinions, many lesser known ones also affect changes within society. Such examples include the constructs of higher education and gender bias, two seemingly different aspects of society and ideals. However, although they do not explicitly mention each other, Linda Lee and Anne Fausto-Sterling establish a clear connection between the two, especially in their dealings with societal development in their respective essays “The Case Against College” and
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